Mobile Medical Devices

Our medical devices seamlessly and efficiently capture information at the point of care. All of our devices are interconnected and IoT-enabled, providing accurate real-time data for healthcare providers and decision-makers.

Our devices include


Portable smart scale that measures weight seamlessly for adults and children with a high level of precision.


Portable smart height measurement device that provides precise readings for adults and children.


Portable electronic stethoscope incorporating a highly sensitive microphone that records and transfers heart and lung sounds to health providers seamlessly and allows a thorough remote clinical examination.


Smart device that captures temperature, oxygen saturation and heart rate at the point of care with medical grade precision.


Our cloud-based platform offers a variety of tools ranging from offline data capture to telemedicine consultations.
Our combined hardware and software product offering allows healthcare providers to track, diagnose, treat and refer patients accordingly.

Telemedicine Booth

Our telemedicine booths incorporate medical-grade sensors that measure multiple vital signs, including height, weight, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and body temperature. Remote doctors view these measurements in real time during the remote visit. Our telemedicine platform generates electronic medical records that allow better continuity of care.
The combination of hardware and software enables patients to conveniently receive comprehensive remote primary care with a close to in-person experience.